Build Your Smile Dental Foundation

2300 Yonge Street Suite 905
Toronto, Ontario M4P1E4
Contact: Grace Armitage
Phone: 4164840337
The Build Your Smile Dental Foundation was born from the simple idea that progressive dental care shouldn’t only be a right afforded to those who can afford the luxury. It was on a mission trip to rural Uganda that Dr. Izchak Barzilay recognized this simple truth. ‘Why is it,’ he mused, ‘that one’s oral health should be determined by status or place of birth? Why is it that the availability should be lacking in an age where information is so readily available? Are these people any less deserving?’ And with that, he committed himself and his team to give back on annual trips to Uganda. Each year the size of the team grew, along with the sponsors who identified with his vision.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Build Your Smile Dental Foundation
Countries/Regions Served: Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uganda
Duration: 2 weeks
Recruited Personnel:
Dentists, Dental Specialists, Dental Hygienists, Restorative Dental Hygienists,  Dental Students, Postgraduate dental Students.
Language Requirements: English
Materials Needed: Provided by Foundation
Fees: $6500 – airfare, accommodations, transportation, all meals for 2 weeks
Dates and Locations: January 26th – Feb 9th, 2024, 10-20 volunteers, Uganda
Dentists Triage in rural clinic Dentists treating patients in rural clinic Patients waiting Rurual treatment in Uganda Volunteer Treating Child