Hearts in Motion, Inc.

2210 US Hwy 41
Schererville, IN 46375
Religious Affiliation: None
Contact: Karen Scheeringa
Phone: 219.924.2446
Email: information@heartsinmotion.org
Mission: We empower our volunteers to change the lives of people in poverty. Hearts in Motion is an organization of compassionate volunteers who unite their efforts and talents. Our mission is to provide quality medical care and to assist in the development of social programs to improve health, education and welfare of the people we serve. Hearts in Motion works to complement resources already in place while respecting the culture of those whose lives it touches.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Hearts in Motion
Countries/Regions Served: Ecuador, Guatemala, Latin America and the Caribbean
Duration: 10 days
Recruited Personnel:
Students & Dentists
Language Requirements:
Materials Needed:
Donations of materials and supplies are welcomed, but not required
Fees: 1200 (apart from airfare)
Dates and Locations:
March 8-17, 2019; June 21-30, 2019; July 12-21, 2019; October 11-20, 2019
Dentist Treating Patients Dentist Treating Patient Child receiving Fluoride Volunteer Group Guatemala Clinic Logo