Star For A Star

5330 W. Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Religious Affiliation: Christianity
Contact: Esther Ghebremichael
Phone: 317-414-8822
Mission: STAR for a STAR seeks to leverage the core skills and capabilities of the Star Dental Clinic into a larger mission-minded outreach. By integrating the work of dedicated volunteers into our initiatives, we can build a platform of education, empowerment, and dental care services for groups of people in urgent need. Those served are identified through international service organizations as well as a network of care providers, school communities, neighborhood groups, and sister dental clinics throughout the United States. Our reach is the world.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Short Term Dental Mission
Countries/Regions Served: Ethiopia
Duration: 5 days
Recruited Personnel: Esther Ghebremichael
Language Requirements: English
Accommodations: hotels
Materials Needed: Dental supplies
Photo with quote about the value of refugees' lives by Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga Photo of four concerned-looking children in a crowd Star for a Star poster requesting donations Photo of a group of people on a dusty landscape with buildings Star For A Star logo