ADA Elections 2023

President-elect candidate

Brett H. Kessler, D.D.S.

A photograph of Brett H. Kessler, D.D.S.
Brett H. Kessler, D.D.S.

Campaign statement

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” (Rupert Murdoch)

The American Dental Association needs to “move fast” if we are to remain  relevant. Disruption to practice models, benefits, workforce, educational costs, access, science, technology and well-being are all moving at warp speed. It is time for definitive action from the nation’s most influential dental organization.

Our organization has never been more challenged. Happily, we are finally taking a proactive approach to address our most important issues. This is the start of the new collective mindset at the ADA.

It is critical that we that we stay unified and focused as we navigate these uncertain waters.

I am a catalyst of positive change in the world. I live in the realm where anything is possible. Creative solutions are found in this “growth mindset.” I have orchestrated successful growth everywhere I have served. A clear value focus for our members will improve the health of our communities.

Today, the American Dental Association needs visionary and transformational leadership so it can become a successful change agent. It is time for us to be the disruptor, or we will continue to be disrupted.




Current residence: Denver, Colorado

Dental school attended: University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

Year received dental degree: 1995

Postgraduate education/specialty: General practice residency, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, 1995-97

Years of ADA membership: 30

Other professional memberships:

American College of Dentists.

International College of Dentists.

Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Volunteer posts/elective offices held in organized dentistry:

President, Colorado Dental Association (2013-14).

Founding chair, Colorado Dental Association Foundation (2015-17).

Vice-chair, Council on Dental Benefit Programs (2018).

Chair, American Dental Association Science and Research Institute


President, Colorado Prosthodontic Society (2017-18).

What are your main qualifications for the office you seek?

Trustee, 14th District (2019-present).

Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Chair, Audit Committee.

Chair, American Dental Association Science and Research Institute (two terms).

Golden Apple Award, Mentoring in Leadership (2010).

Why do you want to be an ADA officer?

It has been the highest honor to serve as a leader in dentistry. I feel I am the best qualified to serve as an ADA officer through my experience, my drive and my passion for life.

Experience — I have practiced in a wide variety of practice modalities. I started in a hospital setting during my GPR. Once finished, practiced as an employee dentist, then a practice owner in a fee-for-service startup. After selling my practice, I served as chief dental officer for a small dental support organization, and I currently practice in a PPO-focused restorative practice. I have also been an educator both at two dental schools, and as a national wellness and leadership speaker.

Drive — Early in my career, I quickly recognized how important leadership growth would be to my success. I embarked on a dedicated leadership continuum through articles/books, classes, study clubs and coaching. This passion for growth continues today. I learned to lead through the lens of the vision, mission and core values. We must clearly articulate our values to remain relevant to the world.

Passion — I am passionate about living my best life and inspire others to follow. The ADA is the most impactful venue supporting our members so they live their best lives while serving their communities.

I humbly ask for your vote.