ADA Elections 2023

Second vice president candidate

Edwin A. del Valle-Sepúlveda, D.M.D., J.D.

A photograph of Edwin A. del Valle-Sepulveda, D.M.D., J.D.
Edwin A. del Valle-Sepúlveda, D.M.D., J.D.

Campaign statement

I have been a proud and loyal ADA member dentist for over 40 years. I love and respect this association for its glorious past and promising future.

I have been fortunate to enjoy the private practice of the profession, to work as a federal services dentist, to serve as a board examiner, to teach students and residents, to treat the underserved and to serve in the organized profession.

I am an attentive and empathetic listener. I always try my best to see everyone else’s point of view. I am not afraid to go across the aisle seeking consensus for the common good. I pride myself on being a successful mediator and having worked with leaders of all types.

After more than 30 years of extremely proud, enjoyable service as a volunteer (more than 20 of these as a member of the ADA House of Delegates), having held numerous leadership positions across the ADA tripartite and in other national dental associations, I am ready to serve the ADA, its HOD and every ADA member dentist as one of its vice presidents.

I am committed to helping the ADA reach new heights, to continue to evolve with the times to better serve members and become the “must have” association for all dentists across the spectrum.

I am committed to helping the ADA lead globally.




Current residence: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dental school attended: University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine, San  Juan, Puerto Rico

Year received dental degree: 1986

Postgraduate education/specialty: Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Years of ADA membership: 41

Other professional memberships:

• HDA.


• CDS.



Volunteer posts/elective offices held in organized dentistry:

• President, Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Puerto Rico (1997, 2010).

• ADA HOD (for over 20 yrs).

• National president, HDA (2020).

• Chair, ACD Puerto Rico Section (since 2011).

• Member, PR Board of Dentistry (2006-2009).

What are your main qualifications for the office you seek?

• More than 25 years experience in the leadership of the ADA tripartite.

• Team player that knows how to lead.

• Attentive and empathetic listener; “can do’er.’’

• Juris doctor, good mediator, consensus builder.

• Have lived to its fullest and, have enjoyed studying and actively practiced dental medicine without regrets.

• Knows the ADA’s past and future challenges:

Have been a private practitioner, government employed dentist, humanitarian.

• HCW and academician.

Why do you want to be an ADA officer?

Want to be directly involved in the evolution and makeup of the future organized profession.