Paul R. Leary, D.M.D.

President-elect candidate

ADA Elections 2022

Candidates seeking ADA-elected offices prepared platform statements and profiles for the ADA News. Each candidate was sent a profile form with the same questions and asked to list no more than five items for professional memberships, volunteer posts/elective offices and main qualifications. Publication of these statements and profiles should not be construed as an endorsement of any candidate by the ADA News or other staff of the ADA or its subsidiaries. These statements and profiles are presented as information for Association members.

The candidates included are those who — as of Aug. 2 — had decided to seek office through the upcoming Association elections being held concurrently with the Oct. 15-18 House of Delegates in Houston. The candidates’ profiles and statements are also available on for Association members only.

A photograph of Paul R. Leary, D.M.D.
Paul R. Leary, D.M.D.

Campaign Statement

As the nation’s leading dental organization, we must hold ourselves to the highest accountability. Our association must stay dedicated to the well-being of our profession. I am here to help inspire team ADA to reach our goals together. There are no limits to success when you believe in what you want to achieve. A successful team is made up of people from all areas, with different experience and thoughts. I have learned so much in the past couple of months by listening to and communicating with many of you. While change is not always easy, we have successfully welcomed a new executive director to our association, and he is ready to lead the ADA onto a new path.

The composition of our membership is changing. We have to revitalize with new ideas if we are to flourish. From changing from a member-centered model to a customer-centered model, to licensure portability, these things have never been more critical than they are now.

Communication is important to keep our association successful. With your help, we can take on the future of dentistry together, making sure that no person, problem or idea is left unheard.


Current residence: Nesconset, New York

Dental school attended: Temple University

Year received dental degree: 1986

Postgraduate education/specialty: U.S. Navy active services and reserves

Years of ADA membership (include ASDA membership): 40

Other professional memberships:

  • American College of Dentists.
  • International College of Dentists.
  • Pierre Fauchard Academy.
  • Academy of General Dentistry.
  • American Association of Military Surgeons.

Volunteer posts/elective offices held in organized dentistry:

  • ADA trustee, 2nd District.
  • ADA Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition chair.
  • New York State Dental Association trustee to board.
  • Compensation chair, ADA board committee.
  • ADA delegate/alternate.

What are your main qualifications for the office you seek?
Communication is key to messaging. Representing our profession at all levels has provided me with insight into all aspects of our profession. My ability to condense debate into a deliverable message helps provide clear direction. Development as a Navy dental officer enhances mission and success in motivating those who share board rooms and committees. I succeed on teams because I utilize the strengths and skills in the room and trust others’ input to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

As chair of Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition, accrediting education providers is critical to lifelong learning. Providing that metric to our profession enhanced my view of the importance of accreditation and its critical place in all professions.

I am gladly measured by ethical standards in our profession and personal lives. These should be front and center in all situations. International College of Dentists and American College of Dentists membership have helped prioritize these goals in my life and my career.

Why do you want to be an ADA officer?
Throughout my career, I have been influenced by many leaders of the American Dental Association. I have made it a priority to hone my own leadership skills by listening, learning and thoughtfully answering. These skills have aided my success in practicing dentistry and enabled me to succeed in various roles in the tripartite. As the Association enters a new chapter of leadership, I want to help my colleagues and the profession navigate the positive changes to come. Effectively communicating for our membership and for our profession and Association is important to me. The ADA needs officers who will facilitate and lead constructive communication by listening and learning what is important to our members. My experience, skills, and dedication will accomplish these goals on your behalf.