Organizational efficiency

An organization’s structure is defined by how it arranges work groups and resources to achieve maximum productivity. Efficient and effective structures and systems, including technology management, are necessary to keep an association relevant and sustainable. Regular assessment of structure and systems is critical to ensure the ongoing support of an association’s key business needs.


Aptify is the platform/system the ADA utilizes to maintain data on members and is shared across the tripartite. It is the core system tracking membership dues, information and history of our members. It is also where the ADA has attempted to provide e-commerce and other information or reports for the ADA across the tripartite.

Beginning in 2009, the ADA selected Aptify as its system of record for managing membership information. At that time, Aptify was the superior product in the market and the best choice for the ADA. Fast forward to 2021, e-commerce, eLearning and Customer Relationship Management platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce are now available to personalize a member’s experience and deliver customized information/content. The ADA must continue to evolve to even better support members who expect that the ADA deliver learning, content and information available at their fingertips.

Learn more about the new platform selection and overall process.

Department of Membership Operations

This department assists constituent and component staff, members and non-members by implementing membership policies and procedures in accordance with ADA Bylaws. The Department of Membership Operations provides assistance with the master file database integrity on the Aptify System and enhance membership value through employing excellent customer service and database support for membership efforts.

ADA Membership Manual

Non-Member Data Cleanup Guide

ADA/State Co-Branded Membership Applications

Key Society Staff Positions

In the event that your team is tasked with hiring key staff positions, the ADA has established resources to assist you in your search.

Lifecycle of the Executive Director Toolkit – This toolkit was designed as a resource for the various employment stages of a state executive. It is divided into three modules: Hiring – pre-hire and hire procedures; Employment – goal-setting and performance reviews; and Off-Boarding – performance standards and termination.

Financial Sustainability

Associations have an obligation to act as responsible stewards in managing their financial resources, as well as complying with legal and financial requirements. Managing financial resources to accomplish the mission, while ensuring clear policies and practices are in place is fundamental to ensuring financial sustainability.

Checklist for financial sustainability

Legal Compliance

An organization's legal standing has significant impact on its overall health and well-being. Regular assessment of legal obligations is critical to ensure an organization's long term sustainability.

Checklist for legal compliance