ADA Legislative Action Alert - Take Action for Veterans’ Oral Health!

Many dentists are actively serving in the military or are veterans. But did you know that while veterans’ oral health is worse on average than non-veterans, only about 15% of veterans are eligible for VA dental benefits? More can, and must, be done to improve veterans’ access to oral health care.

ADA is asking dentists to write to their Congressional delegation to urge them to support increasing resources for VA Dentistry and to support the VET CARE Act (H.R. 2410 in the House). Increased funding for VA Dentistry would enable VA dentists to care for those already eligible for benefits. The VET CARE Act would create a pilot program offering care to veterans with Type 2 diabetes, and studying whether there is a correlation between receiving regular dental treatment and reduced complications of chronic disease.

ADA is committed to optimal oral health for all veterans. Contact your Members of Congress today.


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