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CDT Publication Errata

CDT 2019 (the printed manual) contains the following misprints, which will be addressed when the next edition (CDT 2020) is published.


Errata Description

Corrected Text


The editorial changes to D4230 & D4231 nomenclatures noted on page 107 (CDT Code Changes) are not shown correctly on page 34. The errors are:

  • Omission of the revision symbols before the nomenclatures
  • The location of the word “tooth” in both nomenclatures

▲ D4230 – anatomical crown exposure – four or more contiguous teeth or tooth bounded spaces per quadrant

▲ D4231 – anatomical crown exposure – one to three teeth or tooth bounded spaces per quadrant



The “Numeric Index to the CDT Code” contains an erroneous entry on page 171.  CDT code D7961 does not exist and should not have been included in the index. This is not now or ever been a valid CDT Code.

There is no text correction until the next CDT version.  The entry may be marked with a strike-through if deemed helpful by anyone in possession of the CDT 2019 manual.


CDT 2019 Coding Companion (the printed manual) contains the following misprint, which will be addressed when the next edition, based on CDT version 2020, is published.


Erratum Description

Corrected Text


Coding Q&A Question #6 –

The CDT code for the provisional retainer cited in the answer, D6973, is a misprint.  The correct code is D6793.

6. I would like to place a temporary bridge while a site is healing. We are planning to treat adjacent teeth but would like to preserve the tooth space in the meantime. What code should I use?

You are referring to a provisional fixed partial denture which includes codes D6793 for the provisional retainer and D6253 for the provisional pontic.



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