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Frequently asked questions about Federal Dental Services (FDS) membership

What is Federal Dental Services (FDS) membership?

If you are in full-time military or federal government service, you are eligible to apply for FDS membership— a direct ADA membership at the national level.

Dentist members in private practice are eligible for tripartite membership—that is, membership at the three levels; component (local), constituent (state), and national. As a federal dentist, you are also eligible for tripartite membership, if you wish, if you meet the requirements in the constituent in which you are practicing.

I'm in the reserve. Am I eligible for FDS membership?
Sorry, no. Only those who are federally employed on a full-time basis are eligible.
I’m currently working for a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), am I eligible for FDS membership?
Generally speaking, no. In order to qualify for FDS membership you must produce a Federal ID or have a contract with the federal government. We don’t ask for a Federal ID, one of the requirements noted on the FDS application is a federal email address or cover page from a Federal contract. Please contact our office for more information.
What are dues for FDS members?
For 2023, full national dues are $600.
I recently graduated from dental school. Does the FDS membership offer reduced dues?

Yes! The ADA offers reduced dues to recent graduates who maintain continuous membership, including FDS members. If you graduated in 2022, your first year-out is 2023.

First-year-out dentists pay $0

Second-year-out pay 50% of the full active dues

I'm considering a residency or specialty training program as part of my Federal Dental service. Is there a special rate for me while I'm in this program?
Yes! If you are enrolled in an advanced dental education training program, you may qualify for graduate student membership. Dues is free for graduate student memberships. This membership is renewable annually, as long as you continue in the program.
Can I pay my dues in installments?

Yes! Sign up for the FDS Membership Dues Installment Payment Program, and pay your dues in equal installments. Log into your member profile for more information.


I'm leaving the FDS and entering private practice. What are my membership options?
Contact the ADA FDS Membership office by email or at 800.621.8099 to have your membership transferred to the state dental society where you will be practicing. As a tripartite member you will receive benefits at the local, state and national levels.
I am retiring from the federal dental services and don't plan to practice dentistry. What are my membership options?
Contact the ADA FDS Membership Office by email, FDSmember@ada.org or call 800.621.8099 to request an affidavit of retirement. After the affidavit is approved, you are eligible for retired membership status the following year. Retired members have all the benefits of active members, but pay just 25 percent of national dues.
How can I update my contact info with the ADA?
Contact the ADA FDS Membership office by email or at 800.621.8099 to update your record.