ADA Find-a-Dentist® helps you grow your dental practice

Update your profile now to attract new patients in your area

Mobile view of Find-A-Dentist

Millions of people across the country have used ADA Find-a-Dentist® to find oral care providers in their communities. If you’re looking for a simple, effective way to connect with new patients, Find-a-Dentist can be a great resource.

Find-a-Dentist is just one of the benefits automatically included with your ADA membership. To maximize the value of this free marketing channel, all you need to do is keep your profile up-to-date.

We’ve already set you up with a basic profile on Find-a-Dentist. Log in to MyADA to see how your profile looks right now. Then take a moment to add more details that will round out the picture for new patients.

The more information you include, the higher your practice will rank in local search results. Profiles that feature photos, email addresses, website links and other key details will appear higher on the page when patients are searching for a new dental home.

ADA Find-a-Dentist is part of a long-term campaign to bring more patients to you. The campaign is supported by online ads that encourage patients to schedule regular dental visits, with links that bring them directly to the search tool. Patients can search by zip code, dental specialty, the distance they’re willing to travel and more.

Need help completing your profile? Get in touch with the ADA Member Service Center at 1-800-621-8099. We’ll be happy to assist you.