Request a Change to the Code

Request a CDT Code Addition, Revision, Deletion

Change requests may be submitted at any time, and the date received determines the CDT Code version that may incorporate the requested action. The annual closing date for submissions is November 1st. Any requests received after the closing date will be addressed in the next annual maintenance cycle.

Required Forms: CDT Code Action Request & Copyright Assignment

CDT Code Action Request Form – ( “Preface” includes Submission and Evaluation Guidelines and Completion Instructions)

There is one form used to request any type of CDT Code action— e.g., add a new procedure code; revise a current procedure code nomenclature or descriptor. A request may be submitted at any time, and must be on the current version of the form posted on this web page. The Microsoft Word® form intended to be downloaded to your computer, completed at your convenience and returned by email to

A separate request form must be prepared and submitted for each desired CDT Code action. One fully completed Copyright Assignment Agreement must be included when submitting one or more action request forms. Requests that are not accompanied by the completed Copyright Assignment will not be addressed by the Code Maintenance Committee.

Copyright Assignment Agreement Form

Each person or entity submitting a CDT Code Action Request(s) must include properly completed Copyright Assignment Agreement. One signed agreement form will apply to all submissions from the person or entity received during a maintenance cycle.

Action requests that are not accompanied by a properly completed copyright assignment form will not be addressed by the Code Maintenance Committee.

The PDF document is intended to be downloaded to your computer, then completed (data entry areas are color shaded) and returned by email to

Components of a Dental Procedure Code

An individual dental procedure code has at least the first two of the following three components. References to typeface pertain to a procedure code entry as printed in the CDT Manual.

  1. Dental Procedure Code (Code) – A five character alphanumeric code that begins with the letter "D" and is followed by four numerals. Each code identifies a specific dental procedure, and is printed in boldface type.
  2. Nomenclature – The brief written definition of a Dental Procedure Code. Each code must have Nomenclature that is printed in boldface type.
  3. Descriptor – An optional written narrative that provides further definition of a Dental Procedure Code. A Descriptor is printed in regular type.
Resubmission of a Rejected Request

A rejected CDT Code Action Request may be submitted for consideration in a subsequent CDT Code review and revision cycle. The following additional requirements apply to a resubmission:

  1. The current CDT Code Action Request form must be used.
  2. A resubmission must include new information not available when the original action request form was prepared.
  3. All new information must be clearly identified on the resubmission.
  4. The newly completed action request form must be accompanied by a new completed copyright assignment form.

Transmitting Your CDT Code Action Request

Via the Internet:

  • Completed request forms must be submitted in unprotected MSWord® format via email to
  • The email to must also include: 1) your completed and signed ADA Copyright Assignment Agreement; and 2) supporting information in electronic form (e.g., PDF), with permissions to reproduce when copyright protected.
  • All supporting documentation or literature must be submitted in an unprotected password electronic format.

NOTE: Contact CMC Secretariat staff if you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 15 days of submission.


Please direct your questions concerning code change request submission to the CMC Secretariat staff via email You can also reach out to us from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday by phone 800.621.8099.