ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT)

ADA Practice Transitions™ helps you buy or sell a dental practice, hire an associate or find a job — anywhere in the U.S.

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How ADAPT works

Powered by the ADA with a national reach, ADAPT matches dentists with similar goals and approaches. After completing your free profile, an ADA Advisor will guide you through the process, providing the resources you need for every step.

Your Advisor can also help you think through the right path for your goals, whether it’s a mentorship-to-ownership path that helps you build the skills and confidence you need to run a practice or planning for your eventual retirement.

Next, your ADA Advisor will send you carefully selected matches that align with your preferences and philosophy of care, ensuring you find the right dentist to continue your legacy or the practice where you can grow your career.

When you find the right match, your ADA Advisor will supply the guidance you need to complete a successful transition, including templates, worksheets and more. Already know your path? Explore our suggested starting points, resources, and best practices:
Buy a dental practice
Sell a dental practice
Hire a dental associate
Find a dental associateship

Not sure where to start? Take our quick quiz to receive a customized recommendation. 
Check out the ADAPT blog for expert advice on planning your next steps.
Sample roadmaps, cautionary tales, average transition costs, typical timelines and more.