Starting a dental practice

Your ultimate resource toolbox for setting up and building a new dental practice.

Female dentist wearing green scrubs

You’ve mastered your clinical skills and now you’re ready to step out on your own. Starting your own dental practice comes with a number of responsibilities—from getting local zoning and building permits to complying with state and federal laws. You’ll have to make key business decisions and attend to some impactful odds and ends that come with opening a practice. Here's how to get started.

New Dental Practice Checklist
New practice checklist

Our comprehensive and foolproof checklist for setting up your first dental practice.

Setting up your business

Pick a business structure 
Determine your registration requirements, tax forms to file, and personal liability.

Secure a business loan
Our simplified guide to understanding and obtaining the right business loan.

Get the insurance that's right for you 
Ensure you are properly protecting your business assets, property, and employees.

Know your regulations
Follow and stay abreast of your state agency’s regulations and guidelines.

Building and office design

Building requirements
Learn how to be proactive with building an office compliant to all OSHA standards.

Waste management rules
Our tip sheet on accurately setting up the complex task of proper waste disposal.

Office design formula
Understand how much square footage you need for an efficient office layout. (Members-only)

Hiring, training and compliance

Once your business is set up, it's time to hire and train staff. It will be important to know and abide by all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, along with other compliance items.

Before you hire
See our best practices for hiring, training and managing staff.