Licensure by credentials

Relocating to a different state? You may be able to obtain a new license based on your credentials, without further exams. 

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Licensure by credentials is the process by which the state dental board grants licenses to dentists without further clinical examination. Dentists must be currently licensed in good standing and in active continuous practice for a specified period of time in another jurisdiction. In granting licensure by credentials, the state dental board determines the applicant is currently licensed in a state that has equivalent licensure standards.

Review each state’s specific licensure requirements and contact information.
View the examinations, credentials, and CE requirements for each state/territory.

Looking for information about other licensure pathways? Consult the Dental Licensure and Continuing Education Map and Dashboard for state-specific details, or contact the ADA Member Service Center at 312-440-2500 for guidance with specific questions.

Military personnel and families

Many states have modified their licensure requirements for active duty military personnel, military spouses and veterans of the armed services. These modifications take many forms, and vary from state to state. Some states even assign an advisor or liaison to assist with the process. Depending on the state and situation, licenses for military personnel, spouses and veterans may be:

  • Expedited, continued, or extended
  • Reactivated or reinstated after expiration
  • Subject to reduced or waived fees
  • Eligible for temporary or provisional status

Faculty and volunteers

Faculty and volunteer licensure may go by many different names: limited, special, restricted, provisional or temporary volunteer license. These licenses may require a separate application, and the state dental board may limit where licensed faculty or volunteers can practice.