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ADA Seal of Acceptance

The ADA Seal of Acceptance has been the leading mark of dental product safety and efficacy for 90 years.

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The Seal stands out

Did you know two thirds of Americans recognize the Seal? In fact, 70% will choose a Seal product over a non-Seal alternative if it's similar in nature and price- and a majority say they'd pay more for it.

Online or in store, consumers have dozens of oral hygiene options to choose from- so products need every advantage to stand out. The Seal delivers.

It's trusted by consumers and dentists, and its value goes beyond point of purchase, with benefits like direct-to dentist communication, marketing support, and collaboration with leading experts in dentistry.

The Seal is awarded by the ADA's Council on Scientific Affairs and supported by a team of leading scientists in fields like microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology, and chemistry.

Validation by these independent experts is what has made the ADA Seal the most trusted mark in oral hygiene since 1931

The gold standard for dentists and consumers

Why apply for the seal? Because people recognize and trust it as a mark of safety and quality - and will often choose it over a non-Seal product.