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Opportunities for dental innovators

Learn how to partner with the ADA Science & Research Institute, LLC to develop new dental methods and materials.

A close-up photograph of a lab technician taking a sample from a Petri dish.

Fueling innovation

The ADA Science & Research Institute, LLC (ADASRI) seeks to improve oral health by advancing new technologies for the prevention and treatment of oral disease.

We link innovators and investors with our research-backed concepts, opening the doors for successful translation of our knowledge into new methods and tools that will benefit public health and foster economic growth.

As our partner, you can license our technologies or sponsor ADASRI studies that may lead to new products. Our experts will work closely with you to align your business and tech interests with the right opportunities. We will negotiate agreements with you and work as your scientific partner to fuel the successful development of your new product.

Match our research with your interests

Our current studies are focused on:

  • Restorative materials
  • Endodontic materials
  • Desensitization and remineralization
  • Antimicrobial materials
  • Bone and dental cements
  • 3-D printing technologies
  • Novel applications of dental materials, such as dosimetry
  • Measurement, characterization, and evaluation techniques
Questions? Send an email to Dr. Phil Dowd, ADASRI Director of Innovation, at