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ADA New Dentist Committee

Learn about the 17-member committee that serves as the voice of new dentists. 

Representing dentists in the early stages of their careers

We are a national committee of the ADA Board of Trustees, representing the ADA’s 17 regional districts across the country. Our members review and advise the board on member benefits and the member experience from the new dentist perspective, review and recommend policies that may affect new dentists, open doors for newcomers to get involved in national, state and local dental societies and much more. As a national body, we also coordinate with state and local dental societies to connect and support new dentists. 

About the New Dentist Committee

Meet our members 

Walbridge, Seth A., D.M.D., 2022 | Chair

Lee, James E., D.M.D., 2023 | Vice Chair

Aiken, Sean, D.M.D., 2024 

Feldman, Steven G., D.D.S., 2022  

Fukuoka, Brooke M., D.M.D., 2022 

Holdwick, Gabriel B., D.D.S., 2024 

Johnson, Jarod W., D.D.S., 2024 

Kai, Kevin Y., D.D.S., 2022 

Larson, Bryce A., D.M.D., 2025 

Lu, Daryn, D.D.S., 2023 

Mellion, Alex T., D.M.D., M.S.D., 2023 

McGinley, Kellie, D.D.S., 2025 

Purvis, James T., D.D.S., 2025 

Vogel, Jonathan C., D.D.S., 2024 

Wanamaker, James A., D.D.S., 2025

Wright, ArNelle R., D.M.D., 2023 

Lavick, Tera | Director
211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611

State and local new dentist committees 

Your state or local dental society may have its own new dentist committee or equivalent group. To find out more about leadership opportunities in your area, contact your state or local dental society or reach out to the New Dentist Committee representative for your region. Don’t have a committee in your area? Start one! 

Find your state or local group

7 ways to get involved in organized dentistry
As a new dentist, do you have ideas or concerns that you’d like to convey to ADA leaders? Are there stories and experiences you can share that may help other new dentists? 
Your voice matters. Here are 7 ways you can play a role in organized dentistry. 
  1. Get in touch with our national New Dentist Committee to make your views known and find out about volunteer opportunities.
  2. Keep up with trends via New Dentist News and follow the ADA News Instagram feed.
    Read the latest news.
  3. Share experiences and lessons learned in the New Dentist Now blog. Email with your ideas to get started. Explore the blog
  4. Ask about micro-volunteering opportunities with your state or local dental society. Getting involved doesn’t always mean making a big commitment! Often, a few hours can make a real difference.
  5. Volunteer for charitable dentistry events. Help bridge the access to care gap through programs such as Mission of Mercy and Give Kids A Smile.
    View opportunities
  6. Take a stand in Washington, D.C. Help the ADA advocate for things that matter to dentists and the patients they serve. Visit the ADA Advocacy Center
  7. Let us know how you’d like to help by completing the form below. We will recommend opportunities that may interest you. 
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Contact us

Do you have an idea or concern? Reach out to your New Dentist Committee representative today or contact the New Dentist Committee office at