Bridge to SmileCon Webinar Series

The SmileCon® buzz continues with monthly free CE courses starring our eminent roster of past and upcoming speakers.

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Bridge to SmileCon webinar with Denise Williams-Jones
How to Hire a 5-Star Staff, Feb. 8

In How You Can Help Your Doctor Put Together a 5-Star Team and Keep Them, Denise Williams-Jones shares her hiring strategies.

Boost Your Patient Roster, March 8

In Patients First—How to Create Long-Lasting Relationships, Bob Kulhan shares his recipe for building patient relationships.

Bridge to SmileCon webinar Patients First - How to Create Long-Lasting Relationships

Upcoming Courses

  • Apr. 29: Jose Luis Ruiz
    Restorative Dentistry: Minimally Invasive Bonded Bridges
  • May 16: Amber Riley
    Basic Science: Systemic Cyclones

1 CE credit will be offered for each webinar.

More dates being added monthly until August!