Women in Dentistry

Explore the future of dentistry through AI innovation and the empowerment of women leaders.

SmileCon attendees enrapt in a presentation
Anne Duffy
Moderator Anne Duffy

CEO and founder Anne Duffy created the Dental Entrepreneur Woman movement to inspire, empower and connect women in dentistry.

Women’s Leadership in Dental AI: Thriving Together

Friday, Oct. 17
10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Through an engaging presentation and real-life case studies, you will discover the pivotal role of women in dentistry and collaborate with peers to promote women in AI, driving innovation and diversity.

In this transformative session, you will:

  • Understand AI’s role in dentistry and women’s empowerment through an engaging presentation
  • Take part in three, 20-minute brainstorming sessions on the topics of AI usage; identifying sources of information on AI; and engaging with AI and managing time expectations
  • Discuss AI’s applications in dental practice management, diagnosis and patient care, focusing on women’s leadership
  • Analyze the importance of women assuming AI leadership roles in dentistry
  • Develop a plan to promote women in AI and AI usage within your current role
  • Enjoy meeting and networking with your peers over snacks and refreshments


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