Dr. Trudy-Ann Frazer

We are proud to announce that ADA member Dr. Trudy-Ann Frazer will host our Opening Session.

Trudy-Ann Frazer, DDS

Meet Dr. Trudy-Ann

Trudy-Ann Frazer, DDS, is a board-certified pediatric dentist in Smyrna, GA. She is renowned for her skillful combination of chairside dental care and educational leadership, particularly in teaching dental professionals how to treat children in the dental setting with ease and lecturing dental students in preparation for the National Dental Board Examination.

Outside of the dental space and driven by her own defining moments, including overcoming professional dissatisfaction and burnout, Dr. Trudy-Ann is committed to fostering resilience and self-empowerment among professional women. She leads a wellness podcast series "Not Just A . . . Dentist" and a wellness retreat company, where she advocates for a holistic approach to health. This approach is encapsulated in her "PMS Formula,” which integrates physical, mental and spiritual well-being for professional women across all industries.

You can connect with Dr. Trudy-Ann on Instagram at @DrTrudyAnn.