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DAT Resources and Contact Information

Overview of Policies and Procedures Supporting and Promoting Fairness

Fairness in testing is of vital importance, and is in fact fundamental to an examination’s validity. Fairness considerations are embedded throughout the DAT program, affecting every aspect of how this examination is constructed, administered, scored, and reported. The Fairness document provided below shares additional details of interest:

DAT Resources

As validity is the most important consideration for any testing program, the Dental Admission Test Program recognizes the importance placed upon the validity of the DAT. The report below presents the relationship among pre-dental science and pre-dental total grade point averages (GPAs), DAT scores, and academic and preclinical achievements for a sample of students during their first- and second-year in United States dental schools. Correlation coefficients were used to
understand the relationship between admission selection criteria (such as GPAs and DAT scores) and pre-dental success in students’ first two years of dental education. The DAT Validity Study contains the data, methods results, limitations and conclusions regarding a sample of dental students from a sample of dental schools in the United States.

The DAT User's Manual takes a deep dive into the history of the Dental Admission Test Program, from its beginnings in 1945 to the present day DAT. Learn about the content of the DAT as well as the development of scoring the test.

The Examinee Report provides demographics on DAT test takers. The report contains information related to gender, ethnicity, occupational and
educational attainment of examinees’ parents, high school rank, college grade point average (GPA), college science GPA, college major, extracurricular activities, parents’ income, source and percentage of loans obtained during the years of dental education, and GPA and income by ethnicity.

FAQs about Scoring

Download the file below to view a list of FAQs about scoring the Dental Admission Test:

Past Updates

Take a few minutes to download and review past updates and information on the DAT:

DAT Contact Information:

American Dental Association Department of Testing Services 211 East Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60611