ADA Complete OSHA Compliance Kit

ADA Complete OSHA Compliance Kit

OSHA training and compliance doesn't have to be complicated. The ADA Complete OSHA Compliance Kit  guides you through the maze of federal regulations and helps you protect your employees and your practice. With a focus on a variety of health-related topics, this resource is the easiest way to ensure your dental staff knows the rules of OSHA. Emphasizing the importance of bloodborne pathogens protections, hazard communication, waste management, and other regulatory issues, this kit has the answers.


  • ADA OSHA Training: Guidance for the Dental Team

    This book is designed to help your safety coordinator get familiar with OSHA standards and training requirements. It also includes sections designed to be read by the whole team to learn what OSHA requires from them and why.

    Topics include:
    ▪ Role of the safety coordinator
    ▪ What to expect if OSHA visits your practice
    ▪ Compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
    ▪ Infection prevention and control 
    ▪ Hazard communication compliance
    ▪ Aerosol mitigation
    ▪ Fire and emergency plan
    ▪ Waste management
    ▪ Documentation requirements
    ▪ Staff training for the dental office
  • ADA Guide to OSHA Compliance for Dental Offices

    This book introduces the major forms and plans required by OSHA and includes customizable templates for each. It also contains the full text of the OSHA standards you should have on hand in your practice.

    Sample plans and forms include:
    ▪ Exposure control plan
    ▪ HBV vaccination verification
    ▪ Employee report of injury form
    ▪ Record of post-exposure evaluation and follow-up
    ▪ Sharps injury log
    ▪ Employee medical record
    ▪ HBV vaccination declination
    ▪ Refusal of post-exposure medical evaluation
    ▪ Employee training roster
    ▪ Job hazard assessment form
    ▪ Certificate of hazard assessment
    ▪ Certificate of employee training in PPE
    ▪ Safer medical devices evaluation form
    ▪ Infection prevention and control plan
    ▪ Hazard communication standard and sample plan
    ▪ Chemical inventory
    Hazardous chemicals training program
    ▪ Respiratory protection plan
    ▪ Medical waste plan
    ▪ Fire safety and emergency action plans

    The e-book also includes:
    ▪ Downloadable sample forms, plans and policies that are easily customizable to your dental setting
    ▪ Copies of regulations

Earn 3 CE credits; CE tests are subject to a $20 grading fee per test.

ADA Complete OSHA Compliance Kit K01122BT
2 books + 2 e-books with digital forms