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HIPAA Breach Notification Rule guide

ADA HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

HIPAA requires a covered dental practice to have written policies and procedures on breach notification and to adhere to them before, during and after a breach. Failure to do so can result in penalties. Your practice's HIPAA policies and procedures can help you prevent and prepare for a data breach.

This user-friendly book will guide you through the steps of creating a compliant breach notification program, emphasizing how to prevent breaches and how to react if a breach is suspected. Even a dental practice that is fully HIPAA compliant can have a data breach, but preparation can help manage stress, expenses and even help prevent missteps if a data breach does occur.

This book includes how to:

  • Secure protected health information (PHI)
  • Send a breach notification
  • Notify affected individuals
  • Notify the Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
  • Delete social media posts
  • Encrypt a computer

It also addresses:

  • Written policies and procedures
  • Training
  • Document retention
  • Ransomware
  • Sample forms
  • Enforcement examples

Complying with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule: A Guide for the Dental Office
J58122BT Perfect-bound book + e-book, 170 pages


The ADA Complete HIPAA Compliance Kit

HIPAA compliance is one of the most important—and challenging—undertakings for a dental practice. The ADA Complete HIPAA Compliance Kit has tools to help you design and implement a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program. It includes:

  • The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Compliance: Privacy and Security Manual
  • The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Training

Using a step-by-step approach, it also has the following tools to aid in comprehension and documentation:

  • Sample policies and procedures
  • A revised sample Business Associate Agreement
  • A revised sample Notice of Privacy Practices
  • A glossary of key terms
  • A digital version of the manual complete with forms and policies that can be downloaded and customized

The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Training is a two-level video training program. Level 1 teaches the basics of HIPAA compliance to dental office staff. Level 2 is a more in-depth module designed for managers who are developing their office's HIPAA program in conjunction with The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Compliance. One hour of CE credit for Level 1 and two hours of CE credit for Level 2. Protect your patients—and your practice—by developing and implementing a complete HIPAA compliance program. With increased scrutiny by regulators and the possibility of penalties in the thousands and even millions of dollars for HIPAA violations, you can't afford not to.

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The ADA Complete HIPAA Compliance Kit
J598BT 435 Page Manual, DVD and video streaming