ADA DERE Troubleshooting Guide

Need assistance establishing your ADA Dental Experience and Research Exchange (DERE) connection or using your personal dashboard? Find out how to get un-stuck.

Sign up troubleshooting

I entered my sign up details but did not complete 2-step authorization. What now?

When signing up you will be required to verify by mobile phone and by email before successfully creating your account. Should either of these verification codes expire or a user navigates away from a verification prompt screen, please re-enter all contact information at the sign up screen to begin the process again.

When I attempt to sign in, I receive a message saying my username or passphrase is incorrect.
  1. A newly created username and passphrase will not be recognized until verification of mobile phone and email is complete. Please re-enter all contact information at the sign up screen to begin the verification process again.
  2. If you have completed verification of both your mobile phone and email and are still receiving this message, your passphrase can be reset by going to the sign in screen and clicking “Forgot your passphrase?”
I did not receive a verification code to my mobile phone or email.
  1. During the sign up or sign in process, click “Resend code.” Please note that once you resend a code, as a security measure, all previous codes will be invalid.
  2. Check your spam and/or junk mailboxes for the verification email.
  3. If this is in regard to a newly created username and passphrase and you have not verified by mobile phone and email, please re-enter all contact information at the sign up screen to begin the verification process again.
My verification code has expired.
  1. Verification codes can only be used one time and expire 30 minutes after they are sent to a user’s mobile phone number or email.
  2. If you have not navigated from your DERE screen, click: “Resend code."
  3. If you have navigated away from your DERE screen, enter your username and passphrase at the sign in screen to initiate verification.
  4. Please note that once you resend a code, as a security measure, all previous codes will be invalid.
I cannot remember my username or passphrase.
  1. A username is the email address a user signs up with. If a user has multiple email addresses, try to search through all emails to see if you have received any from "ADA DERE."
  2. If you still can’t remember your username, please email for assistance.
  3. Passphrases can be reset by going to the sign in screen and clicking “Forgot your passphrase?"
I am locked out of my account.
  1. If you are locked out of your account because of too many failed sign in attempts, you may attempt to sign in again once the lockout period expires.
  2. If you cannot remember your passphrase, navigate to the sign in screen and click “Forgot your passphrase?” and follow the steps provided.

Enrollment troubleshooting

During enrollment, I cannot successfully upload my National Provider Identifier (NPI) Template.
  1. Ensure the template is the exact file that’s downloaded from the DERE portal.
  2. All columns except for column C, “Other, please specify,” are required. If you choose “Other, please specify” in column B, that row requires a text entry in column C.
  3. You must only use rows 1-500 when populating the sheet. Please ensure you are not populating any rows outside of that range.
During enrollment, I have an active provider to register, but DERE says the NPI is “not found.”

NPIs from the NPI database are refreshed on the 16th day of each month. If a provider has an NPI but is not found in DERE, please try registering the provider again on the 16th day of the following month.

Portal and dashboard troubleshooting

My Referral Code is not working.
  1. A Referral Code is a unique combination of letters and numbers issued to your practice allowing users you authorize to view and access your practice data. Your Referral Code may be copied and shared with colleagues as you see fit. Ensure only appropriate parties have access to the Referral Code. Only approve an appropriate user who is requesting access by confirming the both Referral Code and the user. Your practice is solely responsible for protecting and issuing your Referral Code, and for approving and disabling users when appropriate.
  2. Ensure you have entered the code correctly (confirm the code with your Practice Administrator).
  3. Try typing the code rather than pasting.
DERE is not loading or displaying.
  1. Make sure you are using a compatible browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and that it’s updated to the most recent version. Please note: Internet Explorer is not compatible.
  2. Go to your browser settings and clear the cache/cookies.
  3. Exit the browser, open a new browser and re-attempt to sign in.
My practice data is not updating every two weeks.
  1. There will only be an update to your practice data if we detect new data from your Practice Management System vendor. Please periodically ensure you are seeing updated data in your Practice Management System vendor software. If necessary, contact your software vendor for assistance.
  2. Log out and log back into the DERE portal.
I am not seeing the appropriate volume of records in my Data Completeness Report.

For Open Dental Users, please ensure all operatories in your OpenDental software have been assigned a clinic by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Open your OpenDental software.
Step 2: Click Setup > Appointments > Operatories
Step 3: In the top right, ensure that the dropdown for the Clinic is set to “All.”
Step 4: Double click any operatory on this screen that has a blank field for the column “Clinic.”
Step 5: Update the dropdown for Clinic from “None” to an appropriate selection.
Step 6: Click “OK” to save your changes.
Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 for any operatories that have a blank clinic field.
Step 8: After all operatories have been assigned an appropriate clinic, you may click “Close” and exit your OpenDental software.

As reports refresh on a bi-monthly schedule, new data may take up to 2 weeks to appear on your dashboard.