Champions Network

A photo mosaic of diverse faces from the Champion Network.

The Champions Network is a community of leaders, members, and association staff who are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion efforts across all levels of the ADA. To support Champions in their efforts to make change, the Network meets virtually every two months to brainstorm solutions to D&I related challenges and learn about topics related to the three programmatic pillars of the network: Change Management, Transformational Leadership, and Intercultural Competence. Join the Champions Network at any time and an ADA staff member will send you the information on how to register for the next meeting and watch past session recordings.

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Champions Network High Level Summaries

Implicit Bias - June 24

In this session, the Champions Network learned about implicit bias, what it is and how we learn then. Assumptions and stereotypes centered on identity are the reasons why talking about bias is important for D&I initiatives. This unconscious bias is powerful and only through consciously becoming aware of these patterns can we change our behaviors. After looking at how unconscious bias works in action, the network discussed strategies on how they can identify their own bias, such as the Harvard Implicit Bias Test, and the strategies and take to deconstruct their own biases and how to respond in moments their bias comes out. The Champions then heard from Dr. Eddie Ramirez about his experiences navigating life in the US as an undocumented person, including applying to dental school. A Q&A and discussion followed. To watch this video, join the Champions Network and a staff member will reach out to you (

Kick-Off/Orientation - May 26

The Champions Network kicked off with a welcome by April Kates-Ellison and Dr. Susan Doroshow, who shared why the Champions Network was created and why diversity and inclusion efforts are important to the future of the ADA. Champions shared with each other why they joined the network. Next, ADA staff shared more about the structure of the Champions network, including the three programmatic pillars: Change Management, Intercultural Competence, and Transformative Leadership, and a shared language document related to key concepts. To close out the first meeting, champions discussed D&I initiatives in their own societies in an open forum. To watch this video, join the Champions Network and a staff member will reach out to you (