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Membership outreach

Membership is the heart and soul of a member-driven association. Focused and targeted membership efforts, relationship building and connecting with members and potential members is critical to fostering member growth and sustaining overall dental society success. These tools and resources will help you bring added value to members and make membership a compelling and attractive proposition to prospective members.

Tools and Resources

Recruitment & Retention Toolkits

Strategic Promotional Incentive – Take advantage of this incredible incentive by offering a 50% off dues reduction in the first half of the year for targeted segments of nonmembers.

Full Dues Recruitment – Any dentist who was a nonmember the year prior and will owe full year in the current year.

Half Year Dues – Any dentist who was a nonmember the year prior is eligible for half-off of the full ADA dues amount beginning July 1 for the remainder of the current year.

Quarter Year/$0 Dues – Any dentist who was a nonmember the year prior is eligible for complimentary ADA dues beginning October 1 for the remainder of the current year.

15-for-12 – Eligible nonmember dentists can pre-pay dues for the following the year and receive complimentary ADA dues beginning October 1 for the remainder of the current year. 

New Dentists – The early years after graduation are the most volatile time in membership. Focusing on new dentist outreach and engagement early and often after graduation will help stabilize membership long-term.

Life Members – Intended to inform Life Members of dues streamlining changes while outlining the value of membership. 

2022 Renewals– Use this resource to help reach out to any dentist who has not renewed their membership for the current year.

Automatic Renewals – Developing and promoting a strategy for auto-renewals of membership helps offer members more options, eliminates unintentional non-renewals, makes membership simpler, and improves retention rates.

Membership Programs and Materials

ADA Membership Delivers – Relevant for both members and nonmembers, this digital booklet highlights a few ways ADA membership provides access to savings, services and resources.

ARC Program – This valuable membership program awards grants to dental societies for promising outreach efforts. Applications will be available annually in October with approval letters being sent in December.

Non-renew Calling Program – ADA's internal Member Service Center, in collaboration with the states, will make calls to non-renews as part of a retention initiative. ADA representatives can add members’ payments directly into Aptify, update information, provide login information and answer any additional ADA questions.

Non-renew Predictive Model – Leverage the NPM in your state to identify members who are at highest risk for not renewing their membership. The model was tested on several years of renewal data and has been able to correctly predict 7 in 10 non-renews. This information can be a great addition to help you reach out to your non-renews. To run your full list, there are two Aptify views found in the Society Views labeled "Non-Renew with High & Very High Risk" and "Non-Renew with Very High Risk."