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Coding Education

Some CDT Codes, especially recent additions, may not be readily understood by dentists and others in the dental community.  These codes prompt a need for a coordinated educational message on the procedure and its reporting.  The American Dental Association, with support from organizations on the Code Maintenance Committee and others in the dental community, has developed a variety of educational material.  This information, within the following list of topics, is available online for anyone to download, read or view.



  • Implant Case Procedure Coding – It’s More Than What You See In “D6000–D6199 VIII. Implant Services”
  • Radiographs: What to Consider When Coding Diagnostic Imaging
  • Coding for Prevention - A Primer on Procedures for Long-Term Oral Health

Documents (by Topic)

  • ADA Guide to Reporting Wound Dressings
  • ADA Guide to Graft Material Collection Procedure Reporting
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Procedures
  • Guide to "Image Capture Only" Procedures and Their Reporting
  • Overdenture Coding Guidance - Natural Tooth and Implant Borne
  • Patient Medical Benefit Plan Claim Filing for In-Office COVID-19 Testing
  • ADA Guide to Extractions - Tooth and Remnants
  • Documenting Occlusal Guards with Hard and Soft Components
  • Documenting Translator or Sign Language Services
  • Guidance on CDT Code for a "Strip Crown"

Documents (by CDT Code)

  • D0411 and D0412 – ADA Quick Guide to In-Office Monitoring and Documenting Patient Blood Glucose and HbA1C Level
  • D1354 – Guide to Interim Caries Arresting Medicament Application (aka Silver Diamine Fluoride)
  • D1355 - ADA Guide to Reporting Caries Preventive Medicament Application
  • Guidance on the D4346 Scaling Procedure
  • D4355 ADA Guide to Reporting Full Mouth Debridement
  • D7230 and D7240 – Guidance on Coding for Impacted Teeth Removal Procedure
  • D9912 Pre-Visit Patient Screening
  • Case Management Procedures (D9991-D9994)
  • D9995 and D9996 – Guide to Understanding and Documenting Teledentistry Events

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