D4346 - The New Scaling Procedure: How It Works For You [Webinar]

Current CDT codes document procedures for patients with generally healthy periodontium (prophylaxis), and for patients with periodontal disease that has accompanying loss of attachment (scaling and root planing). However, there has not been a CDT Code to report another type of procedure – therapeutic treatment of patients with generalized moderate to severe gingival inflammation, with or without pseudo-pockets but exhibiting no bone loss. This procedure reporting gap is now filled by D4346 - scaling in presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation.

This on-demand webinar will familiarize viewers with the nature and scope of this procedure, clinical indications leading to its delivery, and how the procedure fits in a patient’s long term treatment plan. In addition, you will learn how this new CDT Code helps avoid the pitfalls of inadvertent inappropriate documentation in patient health records and on claim submissions.

About the presenters

Dr. Marie Schweinebraten

Marie Schweinebraten, D.M.D. is a practicing periodontist in Duluth, GA. She has been active in the dental tripartite, including serving on the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs and as Fifth District Trustee. Dr. Schweinebraten participated as an ADA representative on the Code Revision and Code Maintenance committees for seven years. Presently she serves as Insurance Consultant for the American Academy of Periodontology, representing the AAP on the Code Maintenance Committee the past five years. Dr. Schweinebraten has given code workshops and is a certified insurance consultant.

Dr. Linda Vidone

Linda Vidone, D.M.D. is the Senior Dental Director at Delta Dental of MA. She has over 15 years of dental experience in clinical private practice, as dental school faculty, and in the dental benefits industry. Dr. Vidone is a hands-on leader in the dental insurance industry setting clinical policies and performing routine claim review, while staying abreast of innovations in oral health care. She serves as Chair of the Certification Committee, and is a member of the board of directors of the American Association of Dental Consultants. Dr. Vidone also maintains a private practice in periodontology in Brookline, Massachusetts.