Dental standards

The ADA sets standards for nearly every tool of dentistry, ensuring their safety, reliability and efficacy for dentists and the public. Over 800 volunteers from a wide range of interests contribute their expertise.

FDA quote on Dental Standards
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Interoperability of digital systems

This committee develops standards focused on the secure exchange of electronic data and digital images between dental information systems.

Electronic dental record language

This standard sets the terms used to describe dental disease for accurate data recording and exchange of diagnostic concepts.

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Standards for dental products

This committee develops standards focused on the equipment, instruments and materials dentists use every day to practice the art of dentistry.

The US voice in global standards

This committee reviews all international dental product standards and provides the U.S. perspective and vote.

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Recognizing new researchers 

Dental students/recent graduates whose studies contribute to better standards for oral health can apply for the Stanford Award for products/materials research and/or the Ahlstrom Award for informatics research.

Dental standards in universities

Dental university faculty can request free access to dental standards for use in their curriculum.

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Dental Content Committee

Maintains the data content specifications for dental billing. The Dental Content Committee has a formal consultative role under HIPAA for all transactions affecting dental health care services.