Dental Content Committee (DeCC)

Committee Summary

Dental Content Committee (DeCC) operates as an advisory body that is consulted when the Council on Dental Benefit Programs is considering changes to the ADA Dental Claim Form content or completion instructions. The DeCC is also consulted for changes to the HIPAA standard electronic transactions including the claim form (837D). Decisions on changes to be made remain the Council’s responsibility.

Additionally, the DeCC is a Designated Standard Maintenance Organization (DSMO) as named by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to maintain standards adopted under HIPAA and to receive and process requests to adopt new standards or modify existing standards.


American Dental Association, Dr. Stephen Morgan, chair

American Dental Association, Dr. Mark Moats, vice-chair

American Dental Association, Dr. Kevin Dens

Aspen Dental, Dr. Amy Dietrich

Delta Dental Plans Association, Ms. Suzanne Achenbaugh

Patterson Dental, Ms. Mary Beth Swift

United Concordia Companies, Mr. Dan Vu

National Association of Dental Plans, Mr. Timothy Brown

ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics, Ms. Kim Harding

Vyne Dental, Mr. Tom Mort

Provider, Dr. Jessica Stilley-Mallah

General Interest, Teresa Duncan

Contact Us

The American Dental Association serves as Secretariat for the Dental Content Committee, for inquiries or questions about the DeCC please email