Dental Benefit Video Series

These 10-20 minute video tutorials, created by the ADA Center for Dental Benefits, Coding and Quality, are designed to help dental professionals understand a key issue in dentistry: how third-party programs interface with dental offices.

Each video in the series examines a crucial aspect about third-party programs, including:

  • Part 1: Signing the Contract: Understanding PPOs
    • Getting Paid Series:
    • Part 2: Common Processing Policies
    • Part 3: Coding on a Claim Form
    • Part 4: Avoiding Claim Errors & Addressing Denials
  • Part 5: Discount Dental Plans and In-office Dental Plans
  • Part 6: Complying with Commercial Dental Plans Audits/Reviews
  • Part 7: Bitewings and Extraoral Image Procedure Codes
  • Part 8: Coordinating Benefits: How Much of My Fee Should I Write-Off?
  • Part 9: Making Sense of EOB Language

In addition to videos, you’ll also find links to various ADA resources related to each subject.