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Real talk about dentistry’s daily wins and sticky situations from the ADA’s flagship podcast.  Our hosts will chat with expert guests and share their perspectives on topics and trends that spark your curiosity and fuel your career.

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Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 6 with Ginny Hegarty
S4 EP06 Hiring your Best Dental Team

What you need to know to build a successful dental team and hire the right staff.

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Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 5 with Dr. Adam Saltz
In this episode of the Dental Sound Bites Podcast, advice on cultivating a leadership mindset. With guests Dr. Adam Saltz and ADA President, Dr. Linda Edgar.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 4 with Dr. Zerita C. Buchanan
Strategies for cultivating respectful environments, and handling sticky situations.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 3 with Dr. Barry Taylor
Find out how cannabis use may be affecting the oral health and treatment of your patients.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 2 with Dr. Karen Foster
Depression and suicide in our profession, information, guidance and resources.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 1 with Tom Viola
GLP-1 medications for weight loss, and what dentists need to know.
Dental Sound Bites Season 3 Episode 9 with Dr. Tannaz Malekzadeh
Relocating? license portability confusion? What you need to know before your next career move.

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