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Dental Sound Bites Season 4

Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 4 with Dr. Zerita C. Buchanan
A.I. innovations shaping the industry, and what we can look forward to in the future.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 3 with Dr. Barry Taylor
Find out how cannabis use may be affecting the oral health and treatment of your patients.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 2 with Dr. Karen Foster
Depression and suicide in our profession, information, guidance and resources.
Dental Sound Bites Season 4 Episode 1 with Tom Viola
GLP-1 medications for weight loss, and what dentists need to know.
Dental Sound Bites Season 3

S3 E09: A Guide to Your Next Big Career Move

Relocating? license portability confusion? What you need to know before your next career move.

S3 E08: Mastering Dental Fee Negotiations

Frustrated about contracts and fees? Experts tips to help you become a negotiating pro!

S3 E07: Dentist Volunteers Changing the world one smile at a time

How volunteering not only sharpens your skills but also strengthens our entire profession.

S3 E06: Dental Industry Predictions for 2024

A look at the top challenges, data, and trends for dentists in 2024.

S3 E05: Let’s Talk about Perfectionism and Mental Wellness

The pressure to be perfect that we put on ourselves, and how it impacts our mental health.

S3 E04: The AI Revolution in Dentistry

A.I. innovations shaping the industry, and what we can look forward to in the future.

S3 E03: Dental School Debt: You’ve Got Options

Expert advice on student debt policy updates, repayment strategies and resources.

S3 E02: Sticky Situations: Halloween Edition

From police calls to affairs to cows(?!) dentists share their wildest office stories.

S3 E01: Fighting the Fear of Failure

We’re sharing our failures and celebrating what they taught us. It’s a Fail-ebration!

Dental Sound Bites Season 2

S2 E9: Ask us anything

We’re wrapping up Season 2 of the show by answering YOUR questions.

S2 E8: Advancing dental science

Get nerdy with us about the latest updates from the ADA Science & Research Institute.

S2 E7: Planning for the unexpected

Be ready for (almost) anything, from parenthood to disability and more.

S2 E6: Career pathways, part 2

Learn how solo, group and DSO practices can shape your career.

S2 E5: Career pathways

First in a two-part series: dentists share how their careers took shape around their interests, lifestyle and goals.

S2 E4: Your mental health

Tips for stress management, self-care and building a supportive community.

S2 E3: Difficult conversations

Expert advice for navigating tough topics with patients, staff and others.

S2 E2: Sticky dental situations

How to stay calm, caring and professional when things get awkward with patients or peers.

S2 E1: Become a dental advocate

The hosts of ADA sister podcast “Tooth Talk” share 5 ways you can get involved.

Dental Sound Bites Season 1

S1 E8: Dental insurance dilemmas

ADA insurance experts share billing guidance, resources to help you get paid fairly and more.

S1 E7: Making money moves

In this episode of the Dental Sound Bites podcast, our guest shares tips for dentists at all stages of their careers to increase wealth and save for the future.

S1 E6: Be well

An ADA Wellness Ambassador offers practical ways to ease the daily stress of caring for your patients and yourself.

S1 E5: The power of connection

A practicing dentist and author shares ways to deepen relationships with patients, colleagues and your dental community.

S1 E4: A new day for dentistry

In this episode of Dental Sound Bites, we talk about how dentistry is changing. From demographics of new dentists to new challenges, we discuss what's coming next.

S1 E3: Joining organized dentistry

At SmileCon 2022, a recent dental school grad shares her reasons for getting involved.

S1 E2: Sticky situations, part 1

Awkward moments in the dental operatory often turn into great learning experiences.

S1 E1: Meet Dental Sound Bites

Welcome to the ADA’s flagship podcast for dentists, by dentists, offering advice and support for every stage of your career.