Dental Sound Bites™ podcast

Real talk about dentistry’s daily wins and sticky situations from the ADA’s flagship podcast.
Our hosts will chat with expert guests and share their perspectives on topics and trends that spark your curiosity and fuel your career.

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ADA Dental Sound Bites - Dr. Effie Ioannidou and Dr. ArNelle Wright - Ask Us Anything
S2 EP9: Ask Us Anything

We get to ask a lot of questions on this show, but now the tables have turned! In our last episode of Season 2, we’re answering listener questions about dental school, mentorship, and our favorite lessons from this season!

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ADA Dental Sound Bites - Dr. Mia Geisinger - The Science Shaping Dentistry’s Future
Get nerdy with us about the latest updates from the ADA Science & Research Institute.
ADA Dental Sound Bites - Cathryn E. Albrecht - Planning for the Unexpected
Be ready for (almost) anything, from parenthood to disability and more.
ADA Dental Sound Bites - Dr. Simon Wu - Navigating Your Dental Career: Ownership, DSO, and Associateship
Learn how solo, group and DSO practices can shape your career.
ADA Dental Sound Bites - Career Pathways with  Dr. Tanya Sue Maestas
First in a two-part series: dentists share how their careers took shape around their interests, lifestyle and goals.
Wellness: Prioritizing Your Mental Health - Dr. Diana Dill
Tips for stress management, self-care and building a supportive community.
S2 EP3: Managing Your Most Awkward Moments in the Dental office episode image
Expert advice for navigating tough topics with patients, staff and others.
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An all-new podcast from the American Dental Association, Dental Sound Bites!

Real dentists, real issues. Real solutions for how you practice, and how you live.

Dental Sound Bites is a podcast created for dentists, by dentists.

Join our hosts, representing different paths in their careers, for real talk on dentistry’s daily wins and sticky situations.

Tune in to benefit from the wisdom of your peers and share some laughs along the way.

Come for the camaraderie, stay for the insightful discussions with leading experts from our industry, and beyond.

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