How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Dentist Earnings?

September 2021 - 57 min

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The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the U.S. health care industry. In a new report (PDF), HPI quantified how the shutdown of non-emergency dental care in early 2020 and the subsequent limited reopening of dental practices impacted dentists' earnings and hours worked, allowing a comparison of 2019 and 2020. This webinar further explores these data and their implications for the dentist workforce, particularly how dentists of particular specialization and gender categories were impacted differently.

See also the latest Survey of Dental Practice report (XLSX) for 2020 data on dentist earnings, gross billings, expenses, and practice characteristics.


Marko Vujicic, PhD, Chief Economist & Vice President, ADA Health Policy Institute