U.S. dental spending up in 2021

ADA Health Policy Institute examined trends in US dental expenditures and government program spending since 2000.

Infographic shows the increase in dental spending in 2021
Graphic describing NATIONAL DENTAL EXPENDITURES INCREASED by 11% from $146 billion in 2020 to $162 billion in 2021 (constant 2021 dollars)
Dental spending up 11% in 2021

National dental expenditures increased by 11% in 2021, from $146 billion in 2020 to $162 billion in 2021.

ADA Health Policy Institute research found dental spending in 2021 was higher than its pre-pandemic level. COVID-19-related government relief program spending was $7 billion in 2021. Absent these programs, HPI estimates that 2021 national dental spending would have been $155 billion, still above pre-pandemic levels.

Meanwhile, government program spending increased by 25% from 2020 to 2021. Within government programs, Medicare and Medicaid spending increased by about $2 billion each. Private health insurance spending was up by 11% and out-of-pocket spending increased by 13%.

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