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Tips and Tricks - April 2017

1. How to Treat a Bad Address in Aptify

If a person has more than one address, delete the bad one rather than check the bad address box. That should be checked only if it is the only address on the person.

2. Keeping Your Dentists' Orders and Membership History Levels in Sync

The view below (‘All Unmatched Person National Levels’) is a view that we recommend state users routinely run to help ensure that the dues level (rate) the dentist paid on the order matches what is reflected on the dentist’s membership history record.

The good news is that most often these two pieces of data match thanks to the prep work state staff do in reviewing their members’ current membership level for accuracy ahead of running membership renewals. The ‘Tripartite Renewal Wizard’ that is used for running renewals automatically creates the appropriate history records to be paid.

However, discrepancies can occur when users manually create a dues order and DO NOT use the Tripartite Renewal Wizard that is found within the Subscription tab. When running this view today, we identified 232 records where the dues level the dentist actually paid DID NOT match what was on the dentist’s membership history tab.

(The most common reason users create a new quotation is that they find out that the original dues rate quoted was not correct. For example, the dentist got billed during the renewals process as a Rate 1. The doctor receives the invoice and informs the state that he is now retired. The user deletes the quote and then manually creates a new order and adds the retired dues products).

To find the audit view, go to the Orders Service/State Views/Membership History Audit.

For example, the record highlighted below paid a rate ‘W’ on the order but still carries a dues level of ‘L’ on their ‘Membership History’ tab.

Click on the Order and then the Membership Level tab. Delete (‘x’ out) the incorrect level L’s and replace them with the correct level ‘W’.

Once you update the Membership Levels in the Order, ADA has a ‘level fix’ process that runs daily that will update the ‘Person’ and the ‘Person’s Membership History’ levels based on the ‘Order Membership Level tab’.

The best way to prevent these discrepancies is to NEVER create a dues order manually. The recommended method is to go to the ‘Person Subscription’ tab, highlight 1 (and only 1) subscription for dues and then hit the ‘Tripartite Dues Renewal wizard icon (right above grid on right side). This will create the order properly and use the existing ‘Next Levels’ from the Membership Details tab (so if they are incorrect, you need to correct and save them first).