Dentists Who Participate in Medicaid: Who They Are, Where Do They Locate, How Do They Practice?

September 2022 - 61 min

In a first of its kind analysis, HPI estimates that 1 in 3 dentists in the U.S. treat Medicaid patients, lower than our previous estimate of 43%. This webinar discussed in detail the characteristics of dentists who treat Medicaid patients compared to those who do not.

Marko Vujicic, PhD,  Chief Economist & VP | ADA's Health Policy Institute

Kamyar Nasseh, PhD,  Health Economist | ADA's Health Policy Institute

Chelsea Fosse, DMD MPH,  Senior Health Policy Analyst | ADA's Health Policy Institute

Bianca Frogner, PhD,  Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Director for Center for Health Workforce Studies | University of Washington

Romesh Nalliah, DDS MHCM,  Associate Dean for Patient Services & Clinical Professor of Dentistry | University of Michigan