In-Office Dental Plans: How Office Managers Can Use Simple Tactics to Retain and Attract Lifelong Patients [Webinar]

In this on-demand webinar from March 9, 2021, we talk about the daily challenges that dental office managers face trying to identify revenue opportunities in their practices. Join ADA staff and Landon Lemoine, vice-president of growth at Bento, to learn how you can ensure all of your patients have access to high quality care and grow a new patient base by offering an in-office dental plan to your patients.

Using new exciting technology offered by software companies such as Bento and others, dental practices can now create and offer in-office dental plans directly to their patients. This puts you in control of fully customizable in-office plans that align with the needs of your practice and allow you to regain control of the dentist-patient relationship.

Participants of this webinar will: 

  • Better understand the current challenges that dental offices face in keeping and retaining lifelong patients.
  • Learn how to uncover facts about patients, identify their issues and needs, then use these findings to promote in-office plans and increase patient retention.
  • Discover how a patient membership plan is a quick and simple way to capture additional patient revenue.
  • Explore how in-office plans enable dentists to provide additional value to patients and how to communicate those savings effectively in their promotions.

This no-cost webinar is another of the many ways the ADA is working to support our members by providing valuable educational ready-to-use resources on innovative dental insurance solutions for dental practice managers. 

About the Presenters

Landon Lemoine

Landon Lemoine is the vice-president of growth at Bento where he oversees Bento's nationwide network development and customer success operations. Prior to his role at Bento, Landon has held multiple roles at both national and international technology firms in business development and growth. It's his passion for growth and disruption that has led Landon to continue developing Bento's solution for providers nationwide.

Dennis McHugh

Dennis McHugh is the manager, third party payer advocacy for the American Dental Association and works in the Practice Institute’s Center for Dental Benefits, Coding and Quality (CDBCQ). CDBCQ is the ADA agency responsible for promoting resources and information on dental benefit plans to employers and member dentists. In addition, CDBCQ responds to requests and helps dentists regarding the CDT Code. He has been with the ADA for 20 years and prior to that spent 7 years working for the American Association of Orthodontists.