Reward, Recognition and Compensation Models that Work [Webinar]

Most dentists/leaders mistakenly think that money is the primary motivator for their team. Although it is always in the top 10 in every survey — it is rarely the first reason for value and commitment. The prime motivators are: full appreciation for a job well done, a sense of inclusion and respect and opportunities to learn and grow. Without these — money rises to the top! Compensation has to fundamentally encourage a culture of learning, growing, doing and striving to be the best. The good news is the right models can make that happen!

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Understanding merit based compensation models that inspire individual achievement
  • Defining what works and doesn’t work when it comes to bonuses
  • Learning how to communicate your philosophy on compensation and reward in a way that inspires new levels of achievement

About the presenter

Amy Morgan has served the dental community as part of the team at Pride Institute since 1993. She was hired and mentored by Dr. Jim Pride, and was promoted from consultant/trainer to CEO in 1999. From the beginning, Ms. Morgan has worked diligently to honor Dr. Pride's contributions and core values while implementing new models and methods to enhance the organization's time-proven management systems and strategies and revitalize thousands of dental practices. Her goal is to make sure all who seek advice and support become more secure, efficient, profitable and happy.

Ms. Morgan "spreads the word" as a speaker throughout North America and Europe and has been featured at every major dental meeting. Some of the unique books and training manuals she has created are designed to address the true issues that doctors and team face every day in their practice with real solutions.

Additional information

Employee Compensation Worksheet [PDF]