Put the Dentist-Patient Relationship Back in Your Hands

You didn’t become a dentist to spend your time navigating the insurance claims process — you did it to take care of people. That’s why the ADA endorses Bento, to get you back to doing more of what you love. Bento connects your practice directly to your patients, simplifying the claims process step and decreasing administrative costs — meaning you receive your payments quickly. You have access to Bento’s marketing templates to help you inform and recruit your patients to use your plans. Bento offers two types of dental products: an in-office plan and a self-funded employer-sponsored group or individual plan.

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Create Your In-Office Plan

With Bento, you can customize your in-office plan however you’d like, and create as many discount plans as your office wants to cover. As a membership benefit, ADA members have no set-up costs on the in-office plan and reduced monthly fees on purchased plans. Be sure to check for any state laws you need to comply with in order to set up these plans.

Find everything you need to set up an in-office dental plan in your practice.
Learn how to create and offer in-office dental plans directly to patients using Bento’s technology.
Learn more about Bento and how the in-office plan works.
Find answers to your questions about Bento’s In-Office Plan.
Check your state’s legislative status on direct primary care agreements.
Find out whether an in-office plan is right for you.

Self-Funded Employer-Sponsored Group or Individual Plans (PPO)

Choose from one of three network compensation tiers, all of which feature direct claims payment, total price transparency for patients, and no hassle to determine real-time patient eligibility.

Learn how Bento’s software platform has revolutionized dental benefits administration.
Learn about Bento and what it means to be a Bento dentist.
Keep these tips in mind when setting up your plan.
Get answers about Bento’s self-funded employer-sponsored group or individual plans.
Evaluate the financial implications of signing or not signing a PPO participating provider agreement.

ADA Dental Benefit Tools and Resources

The ADA has created a suite of resources to help members navigate the ins and outs of dental benefit plans.

Get started with a customized in-office plan.

Where can I find additional answers to questions about Bento, the network and in-office plans?

For detailed answers to questions, how-to guides and extensive lists of FAQ we recommend that dentists visit bento.net/bentopedia.

How can I contact Bento?

Web: bento.net
Email: smile@bento.net
Call: 800.734.8484