Experience Bento PPO: A Better Dental Plan Alternative [Webinar]

This on-demand webinar will explore how Bento's software platform has revolutionized dental benefits administration and the benefits of joining Bento’s provider network.

The webinar will cover:

  • How Bento’s real-time eligibility and benefits verification, cost transparency and direct payments to dental offices work.
  • Demonstration of a simplified administrative system that doesn’t require consultant reviews for “medical necessity” that interfere with the dentist-patient relationship.
  • More information regarding Bento’s three network compensation tiers based on market rates for each zip code; and how dentists can choose the tier(s) that makes most sense for their practice.

In addition, the webinar will demonstrate how Bento uses its award-winning, cloud-based technology to help support employers of all sizes who self-fund their dental benefits, enabling them to pay for their employees to visit the dentist without the hassle of an insurance company. The webinar will be presented by Landon Lemoine, vice president of growth at Bento.

For more information on Bento, please visit ADA.org/Bento.

About the presenter

Landon Lemoine

Landon Lemoine is the vice-president of growth at Bento where he oversees Bento's nationwide network development and customer success operations. Prior to his role at Bento, Landon has held multiple roles at both national and international technology firms in business development and growth. It's his passion for growth and disruption that has led Landon to continue developing Bento's solution for providers nationwide. 

This is the first webinar in a two-part series demonstrating the features and benefits of Bento. The second webinar is available to view here: Create Your Own In-Office Dental Plan with Bento.