Webinars: Building Better Plans and Embracing a New Era in Dental Benefits

Embracing a New Era in Dental Benefits

How long has it been since dental insurance offered something new? Dental insurance has long offered a model that has been lacking innovation and solutions to real problems.

Dentists across the nation are implementing solutions to regain control of the dentist-patient relationship focused on oral health while also offering financial solutions without the need for insurance. So how long are you going to wait before reclaiming your independence?

In this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Paul Goodman about how employers and dental offices are bridging gaps to deliver affordable oral health care and a better era in dental benefits.

Practices using Bento have said goodbye to pre-treatment authorizations and reduced paperwork burdens for office staff. With Bento, there is no more financial uncertainty regarding your treatment plans, insurance payments and the patient’s financial responsibility.

This new era in dental benefits is creating a direct influx of patients with direct payments from either their employer or the patient themselves. Transparency in price and financial responsibility will be crucial as your patients want immediate and reliable information.

Growing Your Business with Better Employer Funded Dental Plans

Did you know that 47% of all dental insurance plans are directly funded by the employer yet use the same cookie cutter plan designs managed by insurance companies? Explore the world of group dental plans with a deep dive into why antiquated plan designs are impacting your ability to provide effective care, and how dentists and specialists can influence change for employers to offer better dental plans.  

In this archived presentation, you will hear from ADA staff and Landon Lemoine, vice-president of growth at Bento, to learn how you can help all of your patients achieve access to high quality care through better dental benefit plans and how dental offices can help in the process.

Viewers of this webinar will:

  • Learn how employers can create better dental benefit plans and how dentists can help in the process
  • Hear of available design options patients can have with their employer dental plans
  • Discover how your front office staff can assist patients with their employer funded dental plans