Science Governance

The department of Science Governance supports the ADA Science & Research Institute Board of Directors, the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs, and the ADA House of Delegates.

Photograph of James Lyznicki, MS, MPH

James Lyznicki, MS, MPH
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Jim Lyznicki coordinates and manages the activities of the ADA Science & Research Institute Board of Directors and the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs (CSA). He also coordinates engagement of staff and volunteers in the science-related initiatives for the ADA House of Delegates. He leads the governance strategy and compliance for the ADASRI and CSA, working directly with ADA member volunteers at all levels. Jim's areas of interest include antimicrobial materials, policy analysis, preventive dentistry, clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, and environmental and occupational health.

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Photograph of Hillary DeLong, JD

Hillary DeLong, JD
Manager of the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs
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Hillary DeLong manages all activities of the Council on Scientific Affairs, assisting the CSA with the development of policies and reports that sustain and enhance the science basis of the dental profession. She supports the CSA’s relationship with ADASRI governance, including CSA collaboration with the ADASRI Board of Directors. Hillary's areas of interest include policy analysis, tobacco use and smoking cessation, and governance.

Photograph of Tyharrie Woods, MA

Tyharrie Woods, MA
Manager of operations and programs
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Tyharrie Woods oversees daily operational business activities for the Department of Science Governance at the ADA Science & Research Institute. In this role, she assists with the engagement of ADA member volunteers, with a particular emphasis on the ADASRI Board of Directors and ADA Council on Scientific Affairs. Tyharrie's areas of interest include multicultural oral health, special care dentistry, stakeholder engagement, health inequity, business operations, dissemination and implementation, and public health dentistry.