Increase Value in your Practice! How? Start your own Dental Plan. [Webinar]

Studies have shown that patients with a dental plan are much more likely to seek dental care and accept treatment plans. So why not implement your own plan for patients without a dental benefit?

In this on-demand webinar, recorded July 19, 2018, you will gain a basic understanding of how in-office dental plans work, how to create a plan for your office and the advantages/risks of implementing a plan.

ADA leadership continues to hear member dentists’ feedback on these issues and has taken action to help dental offices implement their own in-office dental plans. This webinar is another of the many tactics the ADA is employing as part of its coordinated communications plan on dental benefits and third-party issues. For more information on in-office dental plans, check out the toolkit available to member dentists and ADA's activities on third party payer advocacy and dental benefits visit the dental insurance page.

About the presenters

Dr. Gregory Yen

Dr. Yen is a second-generation dentist who took over his family practice in 1993. Realizing the deterioration of dental insurance and the effects on the doctor/patient relationship, in 2010 he shifted his practice to an in-house membership-based format. He has been featured in articles in the ADA News, the WSDA News, has lectured at state dental conventions, and since 2013 has also taught nationwide the Patient Membership Fast-track Tutorial® - an on-site course instructing dentists and their staffs how to install their own simple in-office membership programs. When not stalking trout with his fly-rod or taxi-driving his kids all over the city, he maintains a small private practice in Seattle, Washington.

Roger Schultz, CLU

Roger Schultz, CLU is the principal and currently serves as the co-owner of BenefitStream, a firm specializing in unique benefit plan designs and the use of self-funding. He has taught insurance, estate planning and employee benefits at Georgia State University and to employers and brokers. He is a consultant to benefits brokers, employers and corporate benefit staffs. He is a co-founder of United Benefit Advisors. Roger is an author having published over fifty articles on employee benefits and has spoken publicly on dental benefit plan designs, funding and dental PPO networks.

Dave Monahan

Dave is the CEO of Kleer, a cloud-based platform that enables dentists to easily create their own membership plan and offer it directly to patients. Kleer eliminates the cost and hassle of the insurance middle man, making it very easy for patients to get the comprehensive dental care they want while enabling dentists to increase patient loyalty, visits and treatment acceptance.

Dave has a passion for creating technology enabled businesses that improve people’s lives. Prior to joining Kleer, Dave served as the CEO of FitLinxx, where he created simple and affordable wearable devices that enabled patients to monitor and manage chronic conditions and athletes to monitor and improve performance.

Dr. Dave Hamel

Dr. Hamel is a private practice dentist at Marysville Dental Care, in Marysville, Kansas. Right out of dental school, Dave became active in the ADA, district groups and the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). In 1993 he was elected state president of the AGD. In 2010, he was President of the Kansas Dental Association (KDA) and currently serves on KDA’s Council on Dental Benefit Programs, as well as the American Dental Association’s Council on Dental Benefit Programs. In 2013, Dave was honored to be designated as Kansas’ dentist of the year and in 2017, the honoree of outstanding Council leader.

Dennis McHugh

Dennis is the manager, third party payer advocacy for the American Dental Association and works in the Practice Institute’s Center for Dental Benefits, Coding and Quality (CDBCQ). CDBCQ is the ADA agency responsible for promoting resources and information on dental benefit plans to employers and member dentists. In addition, CDBCQ responds to requests and helps resolve problems from member dentists regarding concerns with third party payers and the Code. He has been with the ADA for 18 years and prior to that spent 7 years working for the American Association of Orthodontists.