SNODENT Change Request Form

Request an Addition, Revision, or Retirement

SNODENT is maintained by the ADA. Additions of new content, revisions to existing content, or retirement of content that is no longer current or relevant may be submitted at any time.

All requests for changes may be entered using the SNODENT Change Request Form below. All requests will be reviewed for acceptance by the SNODENT Maintenance Committee, which meets twice per year and has representation from all areas of dentistry and dental specialties.

The date the request is received determines the SNODENT release that may incorporate the requested action, if approved.

Please read the preamble and guidelines before submission.

Submission and Evaluation GuidelinesĀ 


Submitters should carefully review these guidelines when considering submitting a SNODENT change request and the justification for that request.

These guidelines do not preclude the submission of any SNODENT change request, but may influence the review of the submission by the ADA.

Submitters may withdraw their SNODENT change request at any time up to the closing date for a SNODENT Maintenance cycle.

  1. A separate request is required for each desired SNODENT change request action.
  2. Change requests should be based on the need to accurately document clinical data in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.
  3. All fully specified terms, preferred terms, synonyms, and relationships should be concise, clear, and unambiguous.
  4. The request should refer to a clinical concept and not be specific to a trade name or trademarked product.
  5. A rationale for the action (e.g., reasons why existing content is inadequate or no longer appropriate; description of advances in clinical knowledge; dental schools where concept has been researched or taught) is required.
  6. Requests pertaining to new clinical concepts are encouraged to include references to peer-reviewed research.
  7. When requesting retirement of a concept that is no longer relevant, if possible, please indicate a preferred term or existing concept that more adequately describes the concept.
  8. Cite literature, when available, indicating the extent of acceptance among dental researchers and academics.
Resubmission of Denied Requests

A declined request may be submitted for consideration in a subsequent SNODENT maintenance cycle. The same change request format is used.

NOTE: A resubmission must include new information not available when the original change request was prepared.


Any person or entity that wishes to initiate a change action request must read and accept an Assignment of Copyright to the American Dental Association before submitting a SNODENT change action request. Submitters will be prompted to read and accept this Assignment before completing their change action request.


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