MPLC Umbrella License® for ADA Dentists

Through an agreement with MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corporation), ADA members can obtain a reduced-rate Umbrella License to legally show television, movies, and other audiovisual content in their practice. The Umbrella License provides copyright coverage for more than 1,000 rights holders, representing a wide array of film and television content across every genre. With an Umbrella License, dentists can show content in compliance with federal copyright laws.

Why Do We Need a License?

Some dentists have televisions in reception areas for ambiance. Others play movies in exam rooms to entertain patients. No matter your preference, you may need a public performance license for these activities.

The U.S. Copyright Act was adopted in 1976 to provide guidelines for compliance and protect creativity. Movies and television programs are originally intended for personal, private use only and require a license when shown in public. A public performance license is needed when playing content from broadcast, cable, or satellite television; DVDs; downloads; or streaming services in public spaces.

Failure to comply with the U.S. Copyright Act is copyright infringement and can result in liability for damages ranging from $750 to $150,000 for each illegal exhibition, plus court costs and attorney fees. Copyright infringement is an expensive problem that some businesses do not know they have.

The Simple Solution

Offering television and movies can be a great way to relax and entertain patients in your office. The Umbrella License is the simple and affordable way for your practice to do while ensuring copyright compliance.

The Umbrella License is valid for a year of unlimited exhibitions. Content may be obtained from any legitimate source and in any format. Once your Certificate of License is issued, you can begin showing content from MPLC's wide range of rights holders.

Ensure copyright compliance at your practice with an Umbrella License. Visit the MPLC website and get licensed today.

Learn More

Please feel free to contact MPLC directly to learn more about the Umbrella License. Visit the MPLC website, call (866) 552-MPLC (6752) or email