Tips for Dentists Who Struggle with Work-Life Balance

Finding work-life balance can be difficult. Maybe you’re dealing with life situations, such as starting a family, making time for older kids’ busy schedules, or taking care of aging parents. Or perhaps your practice is new or you are an employee or an associate, in which case you may have to work longer hours to make ends meet. Often a second job is also part of the consideration.

All of this can challenge your ability to juggle work and home commitments. If you’re feeling stressed, take some time to step back from your life and see what you can do to strike a balance between the two, including taking a little time for yourself.

What to do if your work and personal life are stressing you out

Taking time to clear your head each day is important, whether that means going for a walk, reading a book or just closing your door for a few minutes to enjoy the solitude.

You can also take a more pro-active approach to how you schedule your day. For example:

  • The Mayo Clinic offers a variety of tips for work-life balance, including tracking your time, learning to say no and adding to your support system.
  • On the Understanding Chronic Stress page on, the American Psychological Association says: “Taking one small step to reduce your stress and improve your emotional health, such as going on a daily walk, can have a beneficial effect. Being active is a small but powerful change you can make to manage stress.”  
  • In 3 Tips for Achieving Your Work/Life Balance at, a specific challenge is presented and followed by tips to help you conquer that issue in your own life.
  • offers a longer list — 14 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance — that includes how to set priorities, schedule one thing to look forward to each day and evaluate your life on a regular basis.

With a little planning and a commitment to the goals you create, you’ll be closer to achieving the work-life balance you seek, even in the midst of trying times. In the words of Albert Einstein: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” What opportunities do you see that could help you achieve balance in your life?