Tools for policymakers

The ADA Health Policy Institute compiled a number of useful tools for policymakers focused on improving the oral health care system.

Key Dentist Facts

HPI can provide state-by-state dentist demographic data, including breakdowns by age, race/ethnicity, Medicaid/CHIP participation, dental practice type, DSO affiliation, and supply per 100,000 population.

See the infographic for national results. (PDF)

Estimating the Cost of a Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit in Your State

HPI developed a customizable modeling tool to estimate the cost of introducing an adult dental benefit in a state’s Medicaid program. See the results for all states that lack an adult Medicaid dental benefit in our white paper. (PDF)

For examples of state-specific results, see the following reports for Virginia, Hawaii, Maine, and Florida.

Contact HPI to inquire about customizing this analysis, including assumptions, for your state.

Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage Checker

HPI partnered with the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health in the development of the Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage Checker. Released in 2022, the Coverage Checker is an interactive tool that identifies where each state’s Medicaid adult dental benefits package falls on a continuum from "no dental benefits" to "extensive benefits." The currently available data reflect 2020 coverage levels. Additional data will be released to track trends over time.

Medicaid  Reimbursement Rates for Child and Adult Dental Care Services

HPI compared Medicaid reimbursement rates to private dental insurance reimbursement rates. Data include all 50 states and the District of Columbia for child and adult dental services.

See how your state compares. (PDF)

Oral Health and Well-Being in Your State

HPI prepared at-a-glance reports on self-reported oral health and well-being, attitudes toward oral health, and barriers to dental care for adults at the state and national levels.

See national results and request your state's infographic. (PDF)

Projecting the Supply of Practicing Dentists

HPI developed a workforce projection model to estimate the future supply of dentists in the United States as well as in specific states. The model accounts for expected economic downturns and inflows, outflows, and shifts in the age and gender composition of the dental workforce.

See the analysis for the U.S. (PDF)

Contact HPI to inquire about customizing this analysis for your state.

Assessing the Accuracy of Medicaid Provider Lists

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership and the United Way of Connecticut collaborated on a telephone mystery shopper survey to assess the validity of Medicaid dental care provider lists for HUSKY (i.e., Medicaid) recipients. This survey is an excellent resource for state policymakers and can be replicated in other states.

See the full report (PDF) or contact HPI for more information about this program.

Developing an Effective RFP/Dental Benefits Contract in Medicaid in Your State

This ADA-produced toolkit outlines elements that states should consider when working on contracts for the administration of Medicaid dental benefits. Topics include assuring an adequate provider network; ease of enrollment and credentialing; fee schedules and reimbursement; claims processing and appeals; and utilization management, among other topics.